About this blog

Inside Out : a Jaxxland perspective is a collaborative blog run since 2004 by a succession of contributors who enjoy what is now a somewhat tenuous connection to a small, introspective and generally bolshie enclave of south west Wales. We don't employ anyone and editorial control is non-existent.

It (the blog) has been described elsewhere as an irreverent commentary on local, regional and national politics & politicians. Then again, it has also been called third-rate reportage produced by individuals clearly suffering from a range of obsessive disorders and chronic intellectual flatulence.

We don't enter for awards, we don't carry adverts and we don't tell you how to vote come election time. It's also probably true to say that Inside Out otherwise serves no socially fulfilling purpose.

Nonetheless, if you have an opinion on something or a snippet that you want to share - or can shed some further insight on what we've written then get in touch on jaxxland@hotmail.co.uk.

All info received is treated in absolute confidence with no comebacks or attribution.

If you have any views on one of the published posts then use the Comments section.

If you simply want to slag us off for something then go ahead - but whilst we share your passion for freedom of expression, we also suggest you get your own blog.