Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Steering from crisis to car crash

Judgement is a facility which leaders seldom exercise without critical comment off-stage. What distinguishes the decision by Carwyn Jones to save his environment minister is how the move has received little approbation from within his own ranks

Internal critics keen to highlight the inconsistency point to how the first minister's loyal lieutenant Leighton Andrews was considered expendable over a mere spot of gesture politics. Yet Alun Davies, who breached the ministerial code by intervening with his own agency receives a mild ticking off.

This soft treatment not only reflects poorly on the first minister's judgement. The added consequence is that opposition parties are rallying for a no-confidence vote in Davies. The outcome will have no constitutional standing but it will be messy and mightily embarrassing.

Or as a senior party figure observed yesterday evening, "Labour is headed for a needless car crash in the Senedd and it's Carwyn that's driving".

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  1. Anonymous17:02

    with friends in the press like Martin Shipton spinning that Alun Davies will be the next First Minister, Carwyn Jones and Labour need not worry about trifling breeches of the Ministerial code


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