Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Back-flip with spin

There is a certain gymnastic quality about the manner in which Martin Shipton went from  recounting the merits of Alun Davies to mapping his downfall. His graceful twist in mid air will have gained grudging professional admiration from the former public affairs specialist, and now former minister.

Sneering aside, Shipton nails the point that Davies is the architect of his downfall. The boundaries he crossed in attempting to elicit dirt on opponents were considerably less blurred than those over lobbying. His behaviour is inexplicable for someone patently already in the media's cross-hairs.

The ill-tempered exchanges in the Senedd reflected the level of Labour's despair. The loss of a ministerial scalp is bad enough. The manner in which it came about will inevitability add 'sleaze' to the indictments hurled by the opposition at Carwyn's tired looking administration. Recess cannot come soon enough.

Update: What's in a statement? As highlighted by Wales Eye, ITV Wales appears a lot less discerning over who gets air time on their own terms.

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  1. Anonymous09:45

    No real surprise that ITV Wales gave Davies a free shot. Their reputation for grubbing around after stories is getting worse.


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