Saturday, 28 June 2014

Assault switches to the chalk front

Tory guns shift from health service in Wales to education, courtesy of the Western Mail. Silly newspaper headlines aside about a blazing attack, the gentlemanly onslaught from Michael Gove is intended to disarm as much as disparage.

Unfortunately for him, his views come over as a mix of mild condescension and the same sideways dogmatic lurch which the Education Secretary claims is holding back academic achievement in Wales.

His clinical dissection of schools performance will infuriate the good folk of Cardiff Bay.That was patently the intention. An associated concern will be the motivation at the National Newspaper for Wales in providing the UK coalition government with something for the weekend.

Has Mr Lewis offended?

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  1. Anonymous15:44

    Trinity Mirror in pandering to anti welsh prejudice shocker.

    This is the same paper that gave Tory Chairman Grant Shapps space for his Welsh NHS rant as well, but the trouble for Labour is that like the True Wales rump on devolution, there is just enough truth in what Gove says about the welsh education systems failing to make it credible.

    You 'd have thought these interventions might shake Labour Minister's from their 15 year reluctance in dealing with the welsh press to get out there and put their side of the story, i haven't seen any evidence of that happening.


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