Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Headed off at the impasse

For those of us outside the bubble, the exchanges as to whether due process was properly observed at Carmarthenshire CC provides an insight of how it must feel to be an insurance adjuster dealing with conflicting accounts by two claimants over the same street accident.

Plaid Cymru are under no doubts that the merits of a suspend now and ask questions later policy speak for themselves when it comes to the best method of dealing with chief executive Mark James.

The administration have anticipated the call and published details of legal advice. This appears to confirm that actions criticised by the Wales Audit Office over personal indemnity during a libel action were nonetheless lawful.

The lesson of Caerphilly is that wrong-doing is best decided by the people with badges. In other words, it's rarely profitable to seek redress over someone else's cowboy action by committing one of your own.

Not everyone agrees.

1 comment:

  1. Mr James will hang on until the bitter end. If Plod also decides that there's no case to answer then what is there to shift him?


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