Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Madam Speaker

While everyone else was leafing their way through the Williams report to discover the optimum, i.e. reduced number of councils (and councillors) in Wales, Rosemary Butler was talking about the need for more AMs.

Speaking as a witness to the Welsh Affairs Committee, Ms Butler told MPs that the present figure was insufficient as only 42 members were available to sit on a "relentless cycle" of committees.

She also felt that the position of Presiding Officer should be re-christened Speaker in light of the legislative burden soon to be undertaken.

Could there be a pattern emerging here?

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  1. My recollection is that the Presiding Officer of the House of Commons is called Speaker because he or she speaks for the Commons to what was often an overbearing monarch or that monarch's ministers. It seems strangely inappropriate to use that term for the National Assembly for Wales, whose main oppressor seems to be an elected UK Government :-) I understand that this was not your main point.


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