Friday, 15 February 2013

Slavery and the supply chain

The attempts at deflection by those 'Downing Street sources' are to be expected given that ministers so ably helped fashion the club that is being used to beat the shit out of them. Even so, someone should tell the PM that the reason why retailers have kept comparatively schtum over the horse meat scandal is because they have far better paid PR advisers and don't have to get themselves re-elected. 

Of course, there are also other darker aspects which they would prefer to avoid having to address.

We've previously commented on regulatory failings but it is Fraser Nelson of the Telegraph who manages to put matters into their true perspective. It is not horse meat, he writes, but slavery that is the real underlying scandal.

An inevitable consequence of an extended and poorly monitored supply chain is that it becomes corruptible. Nelson asks whether environment secretary Owen Paterson, fully appreciates that the “international criminal conspiracy” he claims to be behind the scandal is under-pinned by modern-day economic serfdom. He also highlights that this is not a isolated foreign phenomenon but something happening on cockle beaches and turnip fields in the UK.

The article is worth a read and deserves much wider circulation.

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