Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Parallel universe

Lesley Griffiths' stilted performance on Week In Week Out - in which she claimed she had never met a dissatisfied patient - will have caused some anguish among advisors at Cardiff Bay. No doubt it will also add to speculation that she could soon be reshuffled.

BBC Wales had been running with pre-broadcast stories during the day about an increase in complaints although they (and the Ombudsman) skipped over how the rise is linked to changes in reporting arrangements. Yet despite these gaps and some fairly lightweight questioning by Tim Rogers, the health minister managed to make the moment memorable with her dismissive non-responses.

The old joke is that the Queen and the rest of the royal family think that the world smells of fresh paint after so many official visits. You have to wonder what is the pervading odour in the parallel universe which Ms Griffiths was accused of living in by her interviewer. Most of us can probably guess.


  1. Anonymous12:14

    I though she did very well compared to her predecessors. Of course you need to remember than Brian Gibbons would have been unintelligible, Jane Hutt would have been incomprehensible and Edwina Hart would have refused to be interviewed.

  2. I think that last comment is what is known as damning someone with faint praise.

    Bullshit would be my best guess at the pervading odour.


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