Tuesday, 8 January 2013

AM accused of scaremongering

The Beans on Toast carries the news that Peter Black has been accused of 'scaremongering' by Neath Port Talbot council after he claimed that childrens services has been put into special measures.

A press release by the Lib Dem AM quotes sections of a Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) inspection in November last year and queries the purpose of a loan taken out in March 2010 to boost services

He added, "The council's children's services are in special measures and not considered currently fit for purpose.”
A council spokeswoman was having none of it and told the paper that "Mr Black is scaremongering and needs to get his facts straight.
"Contrary to his statement, children's services are not in special measures nor did the Invest to Save project leave the service in chaos.”

It’s familiar ground for Black who was forced last year to backtrack after he accused Assembly officials of political bias over the same subject.

In 2009, the Welsh government sent in a team to tackle failing childrens’ services at Swansea Council – then under Lib Dem control. This followed a CSSIW assessment that the council had made little progress in addressing serious performance shortcomings identified in an earlier critical report.


  1. Anonymous10:37

    This guy has a thick skin. He should lie low after the mess his Fib-Dem party made of Swansea's Social Services Dept! He jumps on every bandwagon that comes along,but I think he's losing his touch (or the plot)if he thinks there's political gain to be made here.

  2. What name do you use for Welsh Government intervention, then? For three years I sat on that council listening to regular assurances from the head of children's services that the extra money she was asking for that year would solve the problems this time. In the end, outside consultants had to be brought in. (By the way, I'm still waiting for an answer from the council on the cost involved.) It appears that things have not improved.


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