Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Watch your language

The news meetings at the Beeb must be repetitive affairs lately as people decide which census details should be the lead story on Good Morning Wales.

Elsewhere we find that Wales has the highest proportion of chronic sickness in the UK and the largest proportion of carers unable to seek employment. We have a situation whereby 26% of adults have no formal qualifications, including GCSEs, A-levels and apprenticeships.

Yet for a second successive morning, Radio Wales was leading on the decline of Welsh language usage, with an emerging theme that it is the result of inward migration.

At a time when Wales desperately needs people back in work and being productive, it seems amazing that the focus is so firmly set on the cultural issues. Then again, recent events have shown that the public broadcaster has an established tendency of indulging its own agenda.

Could the highlighting of diminished audiences and the on-going osmosis of S4C possibly be linked? 


  1. Anonymous09:28

    In-ward migration is linked to language decline and indeed in increase in sickness levels as well as lower qualification levels. I'm surprised you cannot make the connection.

  2. And you have evidence of this, of course.

  3. The idea that Auntie is highlighting the decline of the Welsh language so that it can reduce its broadcasting commitments is counter-intuitive to say the least. I expect someone from Llandaff Villas to soon start making noises on how the corporation has a continuing responsibility to foster Welsh culture.

  4. Anonymous15:09

    It would be a mistake to place the issue of the language and the weakness of the Welsh economy as separate or even opposed issues- the majority of the commentary identifies the problems faced by the language as a symptom of the very economic problems you refer to, including lack of jobs and affordable homes in west Wales and in Wales more generally and which in turn has led to large scale emigration, including Welsh-speakers. Economic empowerment in Wales is an essential prerequisite of improving the lives of all people, regardless of their language or background.


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