Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Health spending claims unspun

ConDem coalition ministers were left feeling a bit out of sorts today when their claims to have increased NHS spending were 'corrected' by officials.  The UK Statistics Authority confirmed that best-available Treasury data actually showed a real-terms reduction in 2011-12 compared with 2009-10.

The Beeb mentions that a report from the body to health secretary Jeremy Hunt concluded that real-term expenditure had "changed little over this period" and asked the Department of Health to clarify its earlier statements of improved spending.

It was left to a departmental spokesman to argue the toss about decimal places and percentage points as no-one from the ministerial team was available for comment. Sickening ain’t it?


  1. Anonymous16:51

    Do you know what country you're in? Last time I checked health was devolved.

    And I thought the Guardian was bad...

  2. Yep, health is devolved. What's your point?


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