Wednesday, 19 December 2012

All over for Bethan? Probably

Even her strongest supporters would admit that a 20 month driving ban makes the the political future of Bethan Jenkins look exceedingly bleak. Any residual sympathy that might have arisen over a momentary lapse brought on by depression was badly undermined by courtroom revelations of how Plaid AM was driving barefoot, twice the legal limit and wearing  pyjama bottoms when stopped by police.

Other parties have so far been muted in their condemnation. This is because their own ranks include instances of drunken assaults on paramedics, uproar in five-star hotels and committee chairmen being reported as missing in action. Plaid's hierarchy however is said to be a lot less understanding and moves that have already sidelined the Wales South West regional member are expected to be compounded in the new year.

Update: Among the [unpublished] comments received about this post are mentions by other bloggers of previously undisclosed indiscretions by AMs past and present. We have no intention of repeating these defamatory claims. You publish first and we'll think about inserting a link.


  1. Artorious13:30

    I am not a Plaid voter but I have a lot of time for Bethan Jenkins. I think she has been far more effective than some of the one-dimensional clones in her area. She is energetic and active individual. I think this was part of the problem and she spread herself too thin in the end. I would still vote for her but I doubt I will see her name on a ballot paper next time around.

  2. To my mind, Ms Jenkins is typical of a generation of lightweight politicians who trip out of university into a internship or staff position and then elected office. They operate in a bubble insulated from accountability. We do not choose them to reject them based on character or ability. They are creatures of a party list and we are stuck with them until they screw up.

  3. gorseinon16:26

    What amazes me is the light touch this is getting from the Welsh media. Any mention has virtually disappeared from the BBC Wales website. Looks like Plaid sympathisers are still active where it counts.

  4. Anonymous16:59

    Gorseinon - you missed this -

  5. Anonymous18:19

    And this -

  6. Anonymous19:00

    Anon 16.16 "I am not a Plaid voter.......I would still vote for her.." ?

  7. I couldn't understand why it took a month before she was charged. Now the penny drops. At 194mg she was just two clicks away from doing automatic community service. I'm sure her solicitors opted for the blood test to make sure the reading dropped sufficiently. It's all academic now though. I really don't see her coming back from this one.

  8. Matt MkII13:06

    There was some speculation on the Beans on Toast website about how a blood test resulted in a lesser sentence. It's all been wiped now though. Anyone kept a screen dump?

  9. Gorseinon11:06

    Comments are appearing on the EP website about the circumstances under which Bethan Jenkins was charged only to be almost immediately taken down by the administrators.

    Someone commented was that Jenkins should not normally have been given a blood test. She would have been over twice the limit from a breath sample. There was no need for corroboration and she would have had no right to demand it.

    The evidence given in court was she had a 194mg blood level - which is two points below the community service order. It was implied, I think, that a blood test which would have been taken later, allowed the level to drop.

    As someone else pointed out, a breath test above 51Mg means you are automatically charged. Yet it took a month for Jenkins to be charged.

    A few unanswered questions that someone doesn't want asked it seems.


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