Sunday, 21 October 2012

Absolutely nothing to report

Take one national news icon to serve as frontman, add a couple of super-annuated reporters, sprinkle with edited input from miscellaneous experts, throw in a middling budget and some indifferent production values and the dubious treat which results is the Beeb's new flagship current affairs show, "The Wales Report".

Far too lightweight to be described as superficial, the replacement for Dragon's Eye managed to take patronising television to a whole new level. Even the politicians appeared embarrassed by the anodyne questioning. As for the exercise into the blindingly effin' obvious which passed as a report into the crisis in regional rugby, the only thing missing was a grainy Max Boyce clip.

All in all, a new show that is very, very old hat indeed.


  1. Re The Wales Report, I agree. It was dreadful. Huw Edwards should stay in London and take Mr Butler with him.

  2. Nice to see it being shown at the Peak-Time of 10:30 PM on Sunday.

    Clearly shows how important BBC Wales regard it.

  3. Baldrick Adams20:30

    The Wales Report - definitely a contender in my book for the 2012 Cringe Awards. At one point I honestly started to wonder if it was meant to be a bit of clever satire. Then I remembered I was watching BBC Wales.


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