Friday, 19 October 2012

A question of involvement

We see that Peter Black has tabled an urgent question as to whether ministers ever had any concerns about the race equality body Awema which was wound up earlier this year. This week, a Welsh Audit Office report was highly critical of the Welsh government's management and coordination of  funding between July 2000 and December 2011.

The WAO report found "no evidence" of inappropriate political influence in funding decisions but Mr Black insists that answers should be forthcoming as to why "over £7m was thrown at an organisation that was clearly playing fast and loose with public money." We agree. 

We also assume that he'll be asking similarly searching questions of former Welsh Lib Dem president Rob Humphreys who, according to press reports, was an AWEMA board member during the relevant period.


  1. Whaddya know, senior Lib Dems on the Awema management board. Kept that one quiet didn't they.

  2. Was Vaughan Gelthing not involved, as a trustee, and previously as an employee?

  3. I think the issue highlighted here is that the political influences are not just restricted to Labour, no matter what the Lib Dems would have us believe.


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