Thursday, 30 September 2010

Coalition woes closer to home

Those eagerly looking for signs of cracks in the coalition should switch their gaze from Westminster to Wrexham where discontent of Labour’s stewardship of the NHS in Wales has most definitely surfaced.

A note from an occasional commentator prompted us to look at the latest post on the Plaid Wrecsam blogsite. It pulls no punches on the abilities of Labour health minister Edwina Hart and laments that Plaid has not been able to force her resignation. The full text states:

I can't believe that Edwina Hart has survived Kirsty Williams's exposure of her 'allegedly' misleading the Assembly. She must have a bloody charmed life, problems within the Wales NHS are being exposed daily but we seem incapable of exploiting them so as to force a ministerial resignation. Surely she cannot possibly survive anymore bad news stories about the NHS.
Based on the convention used on the blogsite for attribution, the views expressed appear to be those of Wrexham councillor Arfon Jones who was also Plaid’s parliamentary candidate in May.

We wait to see if the Party of Wales – or anyone else – has any comment to make on this intemperate contribution to the blogosphere.


  1. Anonymous07:37

    well perhaps no one in the plaid cymru group at the assembly has tried to 'force' edwina hart's resignation because contrary to some wild assertions edwina did not 'mislead' the assembly? The councillor you mention would seem to be speaking for himself if he indeed did make those comments.

    Leigh Richards

  2. Matt Mk208:52

    Leigh, I think you need to check out the blog in question. Arfon Jones stood as a parliamentary candidate for Wrexham. He had the support for Elfyn Llwyd and Iuean Wyn Jones during his campiagn. He is his party's representative on Wrexham council's executive board where Plaid is in coalition with the Lib Dems and Independents. So this is no insigificant individual who can speak in a private capacity with someone asking questions about him wanting a Labour assembly minister to resign.

  3. This is a copy of what I posted on Peter Black's blog:

    This is not the first blog by any means that I've written about Wales NHS all of which are critical. I believe that all politicians irrespective of political persuasion have a responbsibility to challenge waste, something which your party and the Tories have failed to do as opposition parties as these blogs testify:
    Also see Valleys Mam
    £1.1 billion is a lot of money and we need more transparency and accountability.

  4. No different to Alun Davies and Huw Lewis criticising Ieuan Wyn Jones. Well, except it's nowhere near as out of order, seeing as Plaid Gwersyllt isn't in the government and Alun and Huw are.

  5. I admire the guy for speaking his mind. Being in a coalition doesn't mean that you have to agree with everything your partners say or that you should not seek to get someone replaced if they're doing a crap job.

  6. Chris Franks and Rhodri Glyn Thomas have also raised questions along the same lines as mine!

  7. Artorious20:30

    Who are Plaid trying to kid? They have been just as vociferous about IWJ (probably more so). They were desperate for Adam Price to step in a take over.


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