Friday, 6 March 2009


True to form, Peter Black and James Sheriden could not resist a little dig at social services minister Gwenda Thomas on the EP website for not releasing a critical report into failings at Swansea's children's social services until next month.

We understand that the council's ruling cabinet has two weeks to provide an account of how they plan to get out of the current mess - having failed to make any significant progress in 18 months – and this will be included in the final report to be published in April. Black would have known this himself had he taken the trouble to remain in the plenary session and ask questions of the minister.

You can’t blame them for trying to shift the agenda from the huge indictment of their performance in office that a threatened and unprecedented Assembly intervention represents but the spectacle of Swansea’s Lib Dems criticising anyone over a lack of transparency really is laughable.

Still no comment from Chris Holley - despite now being back in the country.

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