Sunday, 9 November 2008

Something for the weekend

There must be cause for speculation over whether a chemical has been slipped into the water supply (or been taken out) during the last few days given some of the news items.

Following in the wake of would-be cultural iconoclast Karl Francis, Milford Haven town council has decided that there is no proven need for official documents to be made available in Welsh. Is this a stance taken in the light of a pressing need for local government belt-tightening - or do they simply want to avoid emulating Swansea Council’s embarrassment?

Meanwhile, outgoing AM Jane Davidson wants to sex up Welsh politics by turning the county council on stilts at Cardiff Bay into a city varieties by “seconding” celebrities, sport stars and businesspeople to join the Welsh assembly.

Although meriting as much attention as the Glenrothes by-election result was afforded on Peter Black’s blogsite, the Beeb’s weekend politics spot nevertheless indulged the minister’s suggestion.

And without anyone making any up-front mention on how ‘appointments’ to the House of Lords are arranged (or viewed within her own constituency party), La Davidson, asks:

"Could parties support the idea of using their own top-up lists not only to support equality, but to bring talented non-politicians into the Assembly e.g. top business people, entrepreneurs, successful principals of colleges, vice-chancellors of universities, environmentalists, third sector chief executives, sports stars, media stars … the list goes on”

Whilst left pondering as to whether the above bit of rhetorical gives a hint in the direction of her planned career moves we can’t somehow help feel that the question reinforces a widely held conviction that her enduring contribution to the Welsh political scene will be her retirement.

Update: It seems that Blackie still reads this site (link) and thinks that we're bitchy. Imagine!

His reference to us being an "occasionally-Labour-supporting blog" however is a bit off the mark. Don't get us wrong as we've been called a lot worse in the past. It's just that we'd be grateful if he could mention any actual occasions.

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