Monday, 19 June 2006


It started with a sparsely attended “stakeholders” meeting which was reportedly under-whelmed by a desperately disjointed keynote speech from Chris Holley. (According to one source, he even lost his way on his trip to the lectern).

As the day progressed, it seemed that the only bit of excitement to be had at County Hall was when the fire alarm sounded.

But then the jaw-dropping news started buzzing around the building that official Lib Dem spokesman, Rockin’ RenĂ© Kinzett was about to officially announce his intention of hopping it - over to the Tories, that is.

Apparently, the Mayals councillor has been ideologically attracted to the Conservative camp for some time and his decision to defect has absolutely nothing at all to do with the humiliation of seeing the Swansea West candidacy going to that slimy opportunist Peter May. So there!

Of course, the dynamics of coalition politics in Swansea Council are sufficiently convoluted to mean that Kinzett hasn’t actually crossed the floor as performed a sort of sideways shuffle.

Nevertheless, it remains to be seen if his former, not to mention further weakened leader, displays his usual supine style and allows RenĂ© to keep his roles – including that of political champion for the outrageously costly County Hall conversion project - and the special responsibility allowance that goes with them.

Or will Peter Black, who is actually running things after all, achieve his aim of getting Kermit frogmarched out of there?

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